Carpet Cleaning After the Holidays – Where Do You Begin?

Carpet Cleaning After the Holidays – Where Do You Begin?

Although the holidays are quickly becoming a distant memory, your house still may have some “little memories” from family, friends and holiday parties that are left on your carpets. Your carpets always seem to collect the remnants of all that holiday traffic in your home. You may be thinking about hiring a professional carpet cleaner but prices for that service can be very high – especially when you can follow our Kirkwood Holiday Cleanup Tips to do it yourself with ease and at a much lower cost.


Tip #1: Address the Big Stuff First.

It’s just good time-management! Many studies show that successful people perform their least desirable and toughest tasks first. Whether it is red wine, turkey gravy or milk from the bubble making contest at the kids table, these stains often need to sit in a cleaning solution the longest. And the carpet cleaning experts at your local Kirkwood’s Sweeper Shop can recommend the right “green” carpet cleaning products for your specific stain needs – and we’ll give you the personal advice you need to do the job right.

Tip #2: Don’t Forget the High Traffic Areas.

These are places in your home that all visitors walk through. These areas would include the entry way, the path to the bathroom and, of course, the path to the dinner table! These areas of your carpet are generally the first to show signs of wear. Kirkwood’s Sweeper Shop rents carpet extractors, including a Rug Doctor, that are perfect for cleaning up these areas. Or you can choose to purchase your own steam vacuum from Kirkwood’s Sweeper Shop that is right for your home so you always have it ready for future stains. Regular do it yourself carpet cleaning is a great investment that can help your carpets last longer.

Tip #3: Know What Products to Use for Each Type of Stain.

Each stain should be treated individually. It is generally not a good idea to use the same stain remover product for red wine as for pet urine. The different molecules in these substances require proper treatment to rid your home of them permanently. Again, Kirkwood’s team of carpet cleaning experts has the expertise and the right products to meet your needs. There’s no need to wait for a spring cleaning to get a start on taking care of your carpets. And waiting can just make those little stains become bigger problems as they get ground into your carpets. Keeping your carpets clean adds beauty to your home – and it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive work. Visit a convenient Kirkwood’s Sweeper Shop near you to erase the bad memories of holiday parties from your carpet so you can remember all the good times with families and friends long into the year. Mark Kirkwood is proud to continue a family tradition that began when The Kirkwood Family entered the vacuum business in 1969. With the continued support of our valuable team members, and loyal customers, we hope to serve your vacuum sales and repair needs — and infrared heater needs — for many more years.