Virtually the only challenge with using a central vacuum system is dealing with the long hose. Check out our several solutions to placing a hose in a convenient place and storing it away so that your cleaning efficiency is maximized.

More Convenience

A central vacuum system from Kirkwood’s is central vacuum system even more convenient with our unique vacuum hose management solutions!

What’s the biggest complaint about central vacuums? Managing the vacuum hose!

Imagine not having to go to the closet and get that cumbersome hose out. Imagine just flipping open a valve on the wall and pulling out as much hose as you needed!


Extra Space

Imagine not having to find somewhere to store the hose! Everyone loves extra storage space!

Or, opening a cabinet and cleaning up life’s little messes as they happen!

Our line of hose management products including Hide-A-Hose, Vroom, Spot and Wallyflex are the solution! These products provide hose-at-hand convenience for all cleaning applications!