Vacuflo EG1200 Powerhead 8286


Vacuflo EG1200 Powerhead 8286


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The EG1200 Electric Powerhead is not only lightweight, but has a low-profile design that makes vacuuming and maneuvering easy. It has a 12″ wide cleaning path, and a wrap around rubber bumper that protects your baseboards and furnishings. Other features include a 3 position carpet height dial adjustment for any floor surface or carpet height, an overload protector reset button that protects the motor from jams, a standard flat belt, a pull back neck release, a full length headlamp with a replaceable bulb, a wooden roller brush with sturdy nylon bristles in a chevron pattern for deep cleaning, four stationary wheels for smooth and stable vacuuming action, and an edge cleaner that removes dirt trapped at the edge of your carpet. It comes with a 2 piece chrome electric wand set with cord clip.
Part # HP 8286

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