Sebo Disco Floor Polisher Head 9430AM


Sebo Disco Floor Polisher Head 9430AM


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The Sebo 9430AM Disco floor polisher head is ideal for a wide range of floor types that include PVC (coated and uncoated vinyl), natural stone like granite, marble, or terrazzo, acrylic or polyurethane-coated floors, and hardwood with oil, varnish, or wax finishes! Please see the instruction manual for a list of floor types not suitable for the Disco.


Attaches In A Snap
Since the Sebo 9430AM Disco floor polisher head attaches with a snap to your Sebo Felix vacuum cleaner it can simultaneously suction as it polishes, ideal for capturing polishing dust.


Soft Bumpers
Equipped with soft bumpers and rubber-coated castor wheels to protect the furniture and polisher from scuffs and scratches, the Sebo Disco takes care to ensure safety to your home.


3-Stage Floor Pads
The Sebo 9430AM Disco floor polisher head utilizes state-of-the-art floor pad technology for a three step process to achieve the perfect floor shine: step 1 removes the deepest scratches and smoothes the surface, then step 2 restores a higher gloss, and step 3 creates a final gloss finish!


Convenient Design
Lightweight and portable, the Disco floor polisher also includes a full 11.75 inch polishing path to cover a larger area in a single stroke so you can finish faster than ever before.


Automatic Height Adjustment
The torque-controlled height adjustment automatically and continually scans the floor surface to measure and ensure optimal performance on bare floor surfaces. Should the unit senses carpet it automatically stops rotation to prevent damage.


Disco Floor Polisher Head in White, for use with any Ice Blue Sebo Felix

SEBO Upright Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head 9430AM

Genuine Sebo Product

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