Sebo DISCO Floor Polisher Head 9433AM


Sebo DISCO Floor Polisher Head 9433AM


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Product Overview

Bring commercial quality Ultra-High Speed floor polishing into your home or office with the SEBO Disco Suction Floor Polisher. Designed to fit the SEBO Felix Upright Vacuum, the Disco Floor Polisher readily replaces the Kombi or Premium vacuum heads for maintaining many hard floor types. It’s the secret weapon you need in your arsenal to restore and maintain beautiful floors.

Far superior to wet floor maintenance, the Disco is a suction polisher that works with the Felix vacuum so wax or dust particles from the polishing action of the disc are sucked into the vacuum bag. When you’re finished polishing, you’re finished! No going back over surfaces or mopping and rinsing.  

The Disco can even be used to restore scratched or dull surfaces with SEBO’s 3-step system which utilizes 3 polishing discs to restore, then polish floors.

Disco Floor Polisher Features

  • Automatic Torque-controlled Height Adjustment of the floor pad follows the small contours and fluctuations in your floor, saving both the floor and the pad from unnecessary wear.

  • Swivel Neck & High-quality Castors make the Disco agile and easy to use—perfect for smaller areas and furnished rooms.

  • Conveniently Sized & Light-weight at only 8.375 pounds, with a machine width of only 13 inches and a polishing path of 11.75 inches.

  • Reinforced Drive Disc provides optimal floor contact and an impressive 2000 RPM for a shining performance.

  • Automatic Safety Shut-off is triggered by disc obstructions or suction blockages so the motor, and your floors, are protected.

  • Easy Pad-Change Mechanism makes any restoration or polishing job a snap.

  • 5-Year Warranty means high quality you can depend on.

Suitable floor types include a variety of surfaces.

  • Coated or uncoated PVC, vinyl or vinyl composite tiles

  • Natural stone, such as granite, marble, or terrazzo

  • Acrylic or polyurethane-coated floors

  • Hardwood with oil or varnish finishes

  • Hardwood or other floors with soft-coated finishes like wax (Blue floor pad only)

Some floor types are NOT suitable for the Disco polisher.

  • Glazed, ceramic and porcelain tiles, or porous tiles like terracotta or slate

  • Cushioned vinyl, linoleum laminate, or any type tile that is poorly bonded to the sub-floor

  • All floors with textured or uneven surfaces (brick) or tiles with raised edges

  • Floors with maintenance-free coatings

  • Any floor on which a shiny finish is not desired or where the acceptability of the polisher is uncertain.

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