Sebo ET-1 12inch Power Head for C3.1 9258AM


Sebo ET-1 12inch Power Head for C3.1 9258AM


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Every home’s flooring has highs and lows. With the ET’s four-level manual height-adjustment, you can adjust up or down to clean any level of carpet or hard floors. The ET power head brush action aggressively cleans carpeting. For hard floors and extremely gentle rugs, you can turn the brush roller off by pressing the power switch/indicator on the top of the head.

Remove, clean or change the brush roller with the press of a button. Clogs in the power head can be conveniently cleared through the access door underneath the head. The electronic carpet brush switches off automatically if there is a brush roller jam.

Color: White

Replacement Belt – Drive Belt Model #2923, SKU #6229

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Weight 1.0000 lbs


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